Well-being Hub

We are committed to promoting positive well-being practices among our candidates and within the legal profession as a whole.

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Explore our various well-being initiatives, partnerships, and messages:


We are a proud supporter of LawCare, a charity that has for over 20 years developed a legal community valuing mental health and wellbeing. To do this, they: provide support via a dedicated helpline; raise awareness through training; and produce research on the impact of the practice of law on mental health.

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We are collaborating with SmartWorks to host a 'Dressing for Interview Workshop' on Wednesday, 12th January between 12 PM - 1 PM.

SmartWorks is a UK charity that aims to give women the confidence to reach their full potential and gain employment. They do this by providing coaching sessions and dressing consultations to any woman who walks through their many clinics.