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Legal Professional Mentor

Every candidate gets paired up with a professional mentor from one of our 20+ sponsor firms. Candidates receive 1-to-1 coaching on a regular basis, getting an insight into what life is like as a commercial lawyer and their work.

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A highlight of the programme is an exclusive one week work experience with one of our 20+ sponsors. Candidates get the opportunity to do real work, network with lawyers, and ultimately decide whether a career in commercial law is for them.

Work Experience


Weekly Pre-Interview & Commercial Awareness Training

Every Friday, candidates get invited to a two-hour session where they: get tips and advice from successful alumni; discuss commercial awareness articles with our trained coordinators; and receive small-group intensive career coaching.


Weekly Negotiation Training

Every week we run two mock negotiation training sessions, where 12 candidates are invited to participate in a fictional case study developed by our team. As a common form of assessment among law firms, candidates are equipped with all the skills necessary to excel during this exercise.

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To best equip our candidates with the knowledge required to secure a Training Contract, we host three VS & direct TC workshops per cycle. Our team consisting of future trainees who have gone through such processes provide advice and practical tips on how to perform during a scheme and how to ace direct TC applications.

Vacation Scheme & Direct TC Workshop


Our dedicated coordinators provide candidates support throughout the application process. Our experienced team review applications via a service, providing bespoke feedback for every single submission. Once successful, we offer 1-to-1 mock interviews for our candidates.

Application & Mock Interview Service


Exclusive Sponsor Firm Events

Candidates can expect to be invited to 1-3+ exclusive sponsorship firm events per week. This provides an invaluable opportunity to gain an insight into a firm, network, and make an excellent first impression.

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